The End of Knowledge

I find myself blind
Uncertain what to do
Where to go
I toss
The dice and hope for rain
So the crops of my life can grow green again
Up on this tightrope I can see hope
But if I let myself look away
I’ll fall
I’ll go
Over the edge into unknown
The balance is key
The fallacy may be
How I lean
To one side
In between the left and the right
Below I can see
What’s got to be
A complete vacancy
Do I come on too strong
Should I back off
Is what I feel right all wrong
And has been all along
Guess good and evil
Have their discrepancies
Who am I to get in between
The wrath of the bad guy
The grace of the good
Unless it’s backward
And wrath and grace are misunderstood
What does it mean to be bad
Or to be good for that matter
I have a mom and a dad
Who gave them to me on a gold platter
What was what and who was who
I didn’t know, I was brand new
Humans aren’t born knowing
This versus that
We aren’t even taught it
Because what’s the truth beyond that?
No, we were given names, stories, and rhymes
And told to get it right or you’ll go to hell
How could I tell
For myself what to feel?
I was scared into belief
Pride became my relief
But I’m now I am older
Someone said these sweet words
“the end of knowledge”
I say
“is the truer rebirth”
What does that mean
The end of knowledge?
I think it has something to do with
First, knowing your shit
Becoming intrigued by it
Believing and arguing
Showing your prideful wit
Then comes a day when you find
You’re unsure
Don’t fight that
Don’t look back
This is knowledge’s cure
The end of knowledge might hurt
-It might not-
Learning to admit “I don’t know”
These words are stronger than
“trust me, I know”
Trust has more to do with
Giving into the unknown
Not some man in black
Sliding his words down your throat
Think for yourself
Come up with your own questions
Then, at the end of knowledge,
Test them
I write this up high
On my tightrope called morning
If I look down, I’ll die
But if I weren’t here, it’d be boring



I’ve often contemplated


Among other things


The masquerade of


The way my shades should fit


Society’s gift bestowed upon thee


Is there a true me

Underneath all I’m expected to be

I wanted none of it

The whole game was shit


I contemplated suicide

And I realize I’ve already committed it


You see

There is no me

Well, to everyone else maybe

But alone on my own I’m able to be

And I take that being I find under trees

And I take him into society


The world expects

Yes, thou shalt and thou shant

But when you find your own voice

You find

That you can,

You have a choice


Break free of their voice

Or rather a million

You’re surrounded by doors

But are you really ‘in’?


Find the window, break a pane

Make it out into the rain

Find a road, take a ride

The journey is lost to those who abide


The world’s a loss to those who’re inside


I’m not saying to give it all up

That’s not how I committed suicide

I found a place inside myself in which

It was effortless to reside


And that’s all it is


A doggie rolling in the grass

Enjoying the park

Kitties scratching expensive furniture

Leaving their mark

These are animals who have no ‘me’ to kill

No self to harm

When they contemplate it doesn’t have to be reported

We give them names and, yes, they respond

But like that, we give our children rules and

Teach them to latch on

It’s retarded


Kill yourself

Drop that fucking knife

You misunderstand

No, those pills will do nothing

But bring more sadness to man


Kill your ‘self’

Just let it all go

It doesn’t have to be controlled

To be enjoyed

You know?


I’m long-boarding today,

Just going where the hill takes me

I find it an allegory to my life’s entropy

At which it seems to be going


I’m killing my self

All I want others to see me as

Makes me nothing but an insomniac

I’m free now that ‘I’ is dead

I’m choosing the life of an animal instead



The doggies at the park

Those little Kitties inside

I’m becoming like them

I’m finally ready to fly

So try and stop me


No seriously, try