Lucid Living

I am dreaming, perhaps. Schrödinger’s cat keeps darting around the peripheral of my vision, per se. I am tripping balls, this living and experiencing. I am psychotic and completely sane.


So, I can have the world at my finger tips. I am not claiming to be God, but I am of All so inseparably that All is within me. That All can be mentally flexed, somehow. It is a simple question of what is conscious and what is subconscious.


The breath is the apex, the very precipice of the conscious fulcrum. The balancing point, where the scales are equal and level, with consciousness on one end, subconsciousness on the other. Lucidity, in fact, is the tipping of the scale’s weights. Consciousness surpasses subconsciousness.

I believe this is done in times of déjà vu. Only, it is done unconsciously. Ironic? Or just coincidental?


Coincidences, I have begun to speculate, are another conscious conspiracy. It is the subconscious working and dripping its repercussions into the conscious field called awareness.


So, I can have the world at my finger tips. With this power called coincidences, I have found the mind’s tendons with which to flex the universe. I am the puppet master, but I am also the puppet on the string, or part of it. I can dance, but I am in complete subconscious control over the movements as well.


Freedom of Will is a higher question than “am I in control of my self?”


It is a question of “is the weather gloomy because I’m blue, or am I blue because the weather is gloomy?”


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