Cosmic Posture

An item is but the cosmos holding a pose. The item, the image, the thing that we call a thing, flexes and then relaxes. From chaos, the item comes to be, and to chaos will it return.


A rose grows from a bush that was once a seed. The seed was once a rose. This circle goes all the way (presumably). “What came first: the chicken or the egg?” Neither; a single cell organism! (Again, presumably).


So, the cosmos dances.


So, the cosmos does yoga.


So, the item doesn’t really exist. It is a projection of what we are witnessing in transition; like the crest of a wave or the constellations of the stars. We give chaos meaning. Conscious thought gives meaning to nothingness.


No thing.


There is no such thing as a thing, you see? Every thing is chaos dancing, the cosmos doing yoga. Every thing is really a pose held by the entire world.


And you are included in this.


These words. Your thoughts from them. The empty spaces between them. They (and you) are all one.


So, apply this to life. If you feel stuck, if you feel suffocating, if you feel stagnant… chances are, you are. So, move. Change position.


This is yoga.


First, notice the pose you are in that is causing you grief. This can be given a name or simply acknowledged. For me, I have no name for my upset, my suffering. I can’t put a finger on it.


So I change my pose.


When I say pose, I can mean your literal pose (i.e. posture, position,…) physically, or mentally. This is what changing you pose looks like.


I realize that I am suffering so I stand up. Or I sit down. Or I bend over. Do a pose. This allows me to come back to my body.


But, location is everything. Location is also a pose. If you are still suffering then change your location, go somewhere else, go for a walk! Just don’t be in the same place, the same pose, for too long.


Because everything changes. Why shouldn’t you?


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