The Epidemic of a Polymath


Why do I want to become a writer of the ‘free lance’? It is a life choice more than a job preference.

I thrive in the simple life.



and company

is all that I need for the inhalation of living.

My exhalation,


is writing.

I find it odd when somebody refers to their art as

something I need to do

because is it truly a necessity for survival?

Of course not,

but with the amount of information we take in while our


thumper is


it is glorious to give the world what we have to offer

on top of it all.

So, writing is the spilling of my mind into this world of mental imagery. My


are my arrows,

my pen my sword.

The interconnections of the internet is my battle field.

            Freelancing is a new term for me. A new spell crafted by an ancient alphabet. I am taking this word, this spell, into my own heart to practice on it and perfect its power.

With it, I would like to change the world,

wisp by wisp.

Breath by breath.

Person to person.

All that I have become in my dissolving of illusions has much to do with the internet, the collective consciousness of humanity.

Education is the key for intellectual growth, and intellect has much more to do with our spirit than our mind. I strive to take what I have learned, to learn beyond that, and to spread the dripping, raw data of knowledge like an epidemic.

Together, with our awareness of all that we can be aware of, we can retake our power over our own lives. With iron persistence, all that have the mind of a polymath,

all that have a vision to become something of their own,

can prevail.


An Undead Dream


 Motivation is a fog that dances with


along top the almost

still river.

My pen is my sword

that I dip into the fog only to pull it toward

my face,

the metal dripping with words.

Fiction is but

a direction the invisible current

pulls my craft toward,

and characters

ah, my characters…

are but phantom voices

remembered by the misty air.

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