The Night I Left Home With Nothing and Everything


Full moon of September.

Rise as I remember

What is shrinking behind me

What is getting heavier

Under the weight of distance.

Something like the moon

Making an ocean of room

In this heart that has swoon.

I could be bathed in her eyes

But I’m under this pale disk

And the dark risk

It implies.

Home is an image in my head

The back of the car is a bed.

Our hearts stretch

Holding onto each other

As if I drifted away from

Her life boat.

The only dream I’ve ever had

Was leaving.

Now I’m writing poetry

Like a sappy broken heart.

I’m not torn apart,

I don’t suffer from loneliness


Maybe it is my destiny

To feel complete when alone

And alone when I’m surrounded.

I was told to leave,

Not by her

Not from a mouth and voice

Of any sorts

But from the cosmos

Resting beneath the beat

Of the eternal rhythm

That is played by the moon.