Here, shall I keep a post, and here too shall I keep said post updated to any word I feel may need explained in order to grasp correctly. See, I build worlds in mine head. Here, will I define my terms:

  • Abaddon: a world existing behind the backdrop of ours. A world that we cannot pick up through our senses. A world that my characters return to when they are destroyed. A world that can be perceived as the Matrix, or limbo, or a sort of purgatory. A world that I have yet to even fully construct in my head.
  • Am: a god in the mind of my character Isis O’cyrus who lost her father. This god is the god of identity, also known as self, or ego. It exists in conjunction with the ego, however. A sort of face, or body, to the mind of our ego. As seen in the powerful phrase: “I Am.”
  • Suchness: Tathata. The primal state of existence. A word beyond words. Mine and yours truer form. (May or may not be limited to Am)
  • Ha’el: a sentient Jaguar who practices the forbidden pleasure of philosophy. Curiosity kills the cat in Ha’el’s Jamboree; the Alpha tolerates no questions put forth. Ignorance, in this Jamboree, is survival.

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